Whether you’re thinking about investing in real estate or you already own property and you’re preparing to rent it out, it never hurts to learn a few interior design tips. Making upgrades to your rental can help you attract top-notch tenants! Plus, certain upgrades can boost your property value and enable you to charge higher rental rates, providing a generous return on your investment. Ready to practice your DIY skills? Here are some interior design ideas to help you create the perfect rental home!

Treat Your Rental Like a Real Business

Before you get started on your rental upgrades, consider establishing a formal business. Forming an LLC is a great way to shield your personal assets from business-related debts or lawsuits. Running your rental like a real business will also show tenants that you’re a professional, credible, and trustworthy landlord.

Consider also hiring a property manager to make your life easier. If you live far away from your rental or own multiple income properties, hiring a property manager is a no-brainer. You can also work with Screening Guy to ensure you get the best tenants and avoid potential liability!

Design Multi-Purpose Spaces

When it comes to making property upgrades, it can be tough to know where to start. Take a look at the overall layout of your unit to determine what needs to be done. Think about ways you can create zones to enable multi-purpose use of the space. Tenants who work remotely or exercise at home will appreciate the flexibility to use open living areas for different activities.

There are many different ways to break up open floor plans. Installing different flooring types is one option. The Spruce explains that you can also use light fixtures and paint colors to create distinct areas — like a low-hanging light fixture over the dining area or an accent wall where a couch could sit. Ceiling beams, elegant columns, french doors, and built-in bookcases are also fantastic for creating separate zones in an open floor plan.

Make Essential Repairs

Making cosmetic repairs to existing home features can also help you attract quality tenants. Replace broken light fixtures, swap out worn carpeting for sleek hard floors, make sure appliances are working properly, and hang new window treatments to replace old blinds and ratty drapes. Be sure to also check that doorknobs, faucets, and electrical switches are in working order.

Market Your Rental’s Best Features

To maximize the ROI of your rental upgrades, learn how to write great listing descriptions. Be sure to mention the home type, how many people it can accommodate, whether or not pets are allowed, and if there are any additional fees for things like parking or utilities. You’ll also want to decide on your ideal lease length and security deposit amount. Including this information in your listing will ensure you only receive inquiries from tenants who are happy with your terms.

Remember to focus on your rental’s most desirable features when writing your listing. Mention any cosmetic and functional upgrades you’ve made and how they will make life more enjoyable for your tenants. LandlordStudio suggests starting your listing description with the best unique feature you can offer tenants, like a beautiful balcony or hardwood floors.

If you’re looking to promote your rental on Instagram, make sure to post high-quality photos that show off your rental in its best light. Potential tenants will want to see what they’re getting themselves into, so make sure your photos are clear and inviting. Also, keep your posts interesting and engaging by featuring different aspects of your rental or offering special discounts for tenants who follow you on Instagram. This Instagram post maker makes it easy to share eye-catching content by customizing predesigned templates with your own images and text.

Most landlords aren’t known for their sense of interior design, but you can help break that stereotype! Try to see your rental as a future home rather than a source of income. By designing your rental with desirable features and beautiful accents and marketing it on Instagram and other sites, you’ll be able to attract great tenants who will stick around for years!